About us

At ECP Logix, we recognize the potential of Cannabis plants, its healing properties and its benefits for human health.

Our team of dedicated professionals strives for excellence in producing the highest medical grade hemp along with the finest and the purest CBD products.

We grow our plants in top notch environment under strictly controlled indoor conditions without herbicides, pesticides and insecticides.

We focus on organic principles and sustainability.

We are devoted to keeping the highest level of purity and a high-level consistency throughout all the products we create, giving our customers a consistent, full spectrum CBD products, with minimum levels of THC.

Our processing facility is a Kosher certified facility.

What we offer

Best organic quality, hand selected, picked and sorted flowers. Technical hemp from certified seeds. Grown without pesticides, insecticides or herbicides.

Cannabidiol-containing oils are made of organic hemp extract in combination with high-quality MCT oil (or oil according to customers choice). 2.5 %, 5 %, 10 %, 20 % and 25 % CBD concentrations are available. Less than 0.2 % of THC. Manufactured without the use of chemical solvents.

Organic CBD resin extracted from the best 100% organic quality technical hemp. No added or residual solvents. Contains high percentage of CBD with minimum THC and full-spectrum plant-derived phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBV, etc.), a wide range of terpenoids, flavonoids, vitamins, chlorophyll, amino acids, and other important substances. No solvents added.

High quality natural isolate with 99.5% of CBD content, ready-to-use bulk material for further use.

Dried mixture of grinned technical hemp with content of 1-3 % CBD is a perfect product for further use, for example for custom-made CBD ointments, creams or herbal tea.

High quality natural isolate with 99.5% of CBG content, ready-to-use bulk material for further use.

CBD Hemp

We grow and offer CBD technical hemp with a content of 8-17% CBD and a minimum of THC (<0.2%).

Specially used varieties of plants contain minimum THC levels. Furthermore, due to our indoor growing methods under strictly controlled conditions, there is no use of herbicides, pesticides and insecticides.

The product is purely organic and thanks to insignificant content of THC completely legal.

Place of origin: Czech Republic


100% natural CBD flowers

High quality CBD oils

CBD isolate

pure and organic

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